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Life Beyond
By Dr. Gamini Karunanayake
Courtesy : Vesak Lipi

Several religious leaders of different faiths have in their teachings referred to life beyond the present. Rama Krishna, Sakyamuni Gotama Buddha, Sai Baba and many others including the great Rishis of Vedic India taught that, we should all live according to certain ethical standards that have been laid down, so that our present and future lives beyond would be happy, until we obtain final liberation and escape from the endless cycles of births and deaths (Samsara). Inspite of revelations by great teachers of the continuance of life after death; there are still some people who profess Christianity, Indaism and the Islamic faith believe the present life is the last. Therefore one should make the best use of it while it lasts in a manner that suits their thinking.

Near Death Experience
Researchers in Theosophy, Scientists, Poets, Doctors of Medicine, Yogis and Academics have published articles on the existence of life after death. In this article, material has been published from their writings. Or. Raymond Moody has researched on "death bed experiences", (Le. people who were pronounced as 'clinically dead" were revived and they spoke of their experiences while they were in a clinically 'dead' state). The majority of patients who 'died' said that, they left their bodies and hovered above their physical lifeless form and observed the doctors trying to revive their body. Elizabeth Taylor, the beautiful and famous actress who nearly died of pneumonia had this particular experience. Similarly, there were other patients who were pronounced clinically 'dead', but later they were able to identify the doctors and nurses who attended on them. Some patients were able to rise above their prostate bodies and "see" and identify patients who were occupying other rooms in the hospital. In Or. Raymond Moody's study, the patients who were pronounced dead experienced going through a long dark tunnel at very high speed and meeting a 'being bathed in light' at the end of the tunnel who lovingly welcomed them and had a conversation with them regarding their life "performance" in this world. Various important aspects in their life were reviewed in fiash backs like on a TV screen. At the end of the meeting the 'dead person'

was made to understand that he or she had some more duties to attend to in this world and therefore it was best that life returned to his or her body. The 'being of light' at the end of the dark 'tunnel' was Jesus to Christians, and people of other faiths perceived the being of light as the leader of their faith. There are others who have ascended to heavenly planes, and seen the beauty of the inhabitants and the environment there. Some others have seen the misery and frustrations in other darker planes where beings were regretting for their lapses in this world.

What Happens After Death
Books say that, when a person discards his physical body at death he gets onto his Spirit body or the Astral body which is very subtle (and is a look alike of the youthful physical body). Those who have performed charitable deeds and accumulated good Karma will ascend to the Higher Astral worlds where they will have a contented and happy life. The ordinary decent man will wake up in the Lower Astral plane which is a subtler counter part of the physical world but it is more beautiful. Those persons who have been brutal and whose desires are utterly depraved will wake up in the grosser still lower level of Astral plane. Here the environment is grey coloured or dark, and living there is extremely unpleasant and miserable. The inhabitants will experience frustrations due to their inability to work out their physical passions through their Astral bodies which are not equipped for such fulfilment. This harrowing experience may well be termed a purgatory, but it is temporary and lasts until his depraved desires are worn out. The term Apaya (Niraya) used in Buddhist literature could correspond to this Grosser Astral plane.

In the ordinary lower Astral plane the inhabitants are able to communicate with certain people especially friends and relations through a 'medium'. It is known that Sir D. Baron Jayatillake a former head of the Cabinet of Ministers was in regular communication, for over ten years with a well known Diplomat and Ambassador to an European country. Sir DBJ was living after his death in an Astral plane and he gave advise to the diplomat on matters relating to Buddhism, Philosophy, Psychology etc. and also on personal matters. The communications were in the form of automatic writing from the spirit of Sir DB who on a few occasions gave demonstrations of telekinesis, that is, the movement of physical objects through space after dematerialising. (Reference Spiritual Inquiry for the youth by C. Shanmuganayagam).

Later, the spirit of Sir DB informed the diplomat that he was moving into a higher plane of existence from where contact with the human world is not possible due to human society being so polluted. In Buddhist Literature it is stated that persons who have reached the Devalokas would develop an aloofness from worldly attachments. However, liberated souls living in the higher heavens could come down to earth and communicate with spiritually advanced people. In the book - 'Autobiography if a Yogi' Swami Yogananda's guru Sri Yukteswar after his death came back to his beloved devotee in fiesh and blood form to give a sermon on the after life in other planes of existence. Sri Sathya Sai Baba's mother' Easwaramma (who died long years ago) has been seen on several occasions in her physical form talking to Sai Baba, in his Ashram. Swami Yogananda, while lecturing on a topic of a spiritual nature had seen some of his devotees who died earlier, seated in the lecture hall in their Astral bodies and were listening to his lecture. Contd>


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