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American Buddhist Monk - Yogavacara Rahula

Buddhist Monk
Buddhist monk One Night's Shelter - His Autobiography

Some of the people caught up in the '60s drug culture ruined their lives. A few turned their lives around and became example to others. Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Yogavacara Rahula (Joseph Duprez) turned away from his addictions at the right age by discovering the truth at the right time with the right teachers. "One Night's Shelter" illustrates how this dramatic but gradual change took place. Buddhist monk
His teaching of Dhamma is based on his own personal experiences with sex, drugs, and self - centered behavior. Transforming a chaotic life into a regular one is very difficult, much less turning to the religious and Buddhist monk from US contemplative path. One needs great determination and 100 percent honesty to do it. Bhikkhu Yogavacara Rahula has accomplished this task on his own initiative guided by his own inner voice. Buddhist monk

On one level this book could be an inspiring guide to anyone trapped in hedonism and unhealthy habits of body and mind. American Buddhist monk They will come to see how he gave up these habits and patterns and turned a new page in his life by following the Dhamma. It's not something that happened overnight. But he persevered, aided by the diligent practice of mindfulness.Buddhist monk
I met bhikkhu in 1985 in Sri Lanka for the first time. When I saw him for the first time I had already accepted many appointments to see people in Sri Lanka and did not have much time to spend with him. American Buddhist monk When he came to live at the Bhavana Society as my assistant in 19871 began to know him little by little. He is a monk who does not care for food or comfort. He is a monk who has devoted each day he lives to the practice of Dhamma in action. The Buddha's description of a monk like him is: Buddhist monk from America

"The person who wears a plain robe, who is lean with veins showing all over the body and who meditates alone in the forest - him do I call a Brahmana."

Buddhist monk
This is him. He is lean with veins showing all over the body and who meditates alone in the forest" at the Bhavana meditation center. When he is not meditating he is working for the benefit of those come to this center to meditate and for those who live here meditating. He does not expect any reward or recognition for his work. Buddhist monk On the day we dedicated the new meditation hall, I said to him that I would like to say a few words about his work on the new hall. He told me" Please don't say anything about me. I feel embarrassed to hear any flattery." Buddhist monk

Once he opened his eyes to Dhamma, Bhikkhu Rahula began to appreciate the value of his parents, teacher, friends, Dhamma and the whole word. Not too many people these days in the West folly appreciate what their parents have done for them. Buddhist monk As long as you remain blind to the truth of your parents' value you will never appreciate their sacrifices for you. This was but a part of his awakening to the word and to his life. Buddhist monk

Ultimately, you are totally responsible for your life. Bhikkhu Rahula's commitment to the Dhamma and practice of Yoga and meditation brought him to an extraordinary position. Buddhist monk Today he is a prominent meditation instructor and teaches Yoga and meditation all over the world. He states very dramatically how he was "reborn" on listening to a Dhamma talk on his first retreat: "This is Thanksgiving Day, the first day of the rest of my life. Today I am reborn!" Buddhist monk

This actually is what you realize when you first glimpse the Truth of Dhamma. This is inevitable. You have to experience it. No matter how many words you hear or read, you will never be able to make this expression with total sincerity and honesty until you touch the depth of Dhamma. "One Night Shelter" can be an inspiration. Buddhist monk

Ven. Dr. Henepola Gunaratana Thera
Chief Priest of the United States and North American Meditation Society
Hight View, West Virgina, USA Buddhist monk

Buddhist monk

Book Description:
Buddhist Monk - Yogavacara Rahula was born as Scott Joseph Duprez in southern California in 1948. He grew up during the hippie revolution and entered the U.S.Army for three years in 1967, spending ten months in Vietnam. Buddhist monk

In 1972 he began a long odyssey starting in Scandinavia which took him half way around the world to India and Nepal characterized by staying 'stoned' on hashish much of the time with numerous trips on LSD. In Nepal he encountered his first spiritual teachers,Buddhist monk Tibetan Lamas, at a month long meditation course, by the end of which he was converted more or less to being a Buddhist or at least an earnest seeker after Truth.

His search brought him south to Sri Lanka where he got ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1975. Buddhist monk He remained in Sri Lanka off and on until 1986 when he returned to the U.S.A. Since then he has been living at the Bhavana Society, a forest monastery/meditation centre in West Virginia.

He conducts retreats integrating Yoga breathing and exercise with Vipassana meditation in the U.S.A., Germany and elsewhere from time to time. Also by the author is a book on the Buddha's teaching entitled, The Way to peace and Happiness. Buddhist monk

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