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Suffering Follows The Evil-Doer Buddhist Quote

dhammà manopubbaïgamà manoseññhà manomayà
ce paduññhena manasà bhàsati và karoti và tato
dukkhaü naü anveti vahato padaü cakkaü iva. Famous Buddha Quotes

dhammà: experience; manopubbaïgamà: thought precedes; Buddhist Quote
manoseññhà: thought is predominant; ce: therefore,
if, paduññhena: (with) corrupted; manasà: thought; bhàsati:
(one) speaks; karoti và: or acts; tato: due to it, dukkhaü:Buddhist Quote
suffering; naü: that person; anveti: follows; vahato padaü:
Draught animal’s hoof; cakkaü iva: as the cart wheel.

English Translation
Everything we experience begins with thought,
Our words and deeds spring from thought,
If we speak or act with evil thoughts, Famous Buddha Quotes
unpleasant circumstances and experiences inevitably will result,
Wherever we go, we create bad karma because we carry bad thoughts. We cannot shake off this suffering as long as we are tied to our evil thoughts. Buddhist Quote Dhammapada
This is very much like the wheel of a cart that follows the hooves of an ox,
The animal is bound to this heavy load with ever step it takes.

Happiness Follows The Doer Of Good

dhammà manopubbaïgamà mano seññhà manomayà
ce pasannena manasà bhàsati và karoti và tato
sukhaü naü anveti anapàyini chàyà iva

dhammà: experience; manopubbaïgamà: thought precedes;
manoseññhà: thought is predominant; manomayà: Famous Buddha Quotes
mind-made are they; ce: therefore, if; pasannena: (with)
pure; manasà: thought; bhàsati:Buddhist Quote Buddha (one) speaks; karoti và: or
acts; tato: due to it; sukhaü: happiness; naü: that person;
anveti: follows; anapàyini: not deserting; chàyà iva: as the

English Translation
All that man experiences springs out of his thoughts. Famous Buddha Quotes Dhamma
If his thoughts are good, the words and deeds will also be good.
The result of good thoughts, words and deeds will be happiness. Buddhist Quote
This happiness never leaves the person whose thoughts are good. Happiness will always follow him like his shadow that never leaves him.

Hatred Is Overcome Only By Non-Hatred

idha verena veràni kudàcanaü na hi saümantã
averena ca saümanti esa sanantano dhaümo

idha: in this world; veràni: hatred (enmity); verena: through
hatred; kudàcanaü: at no time; na hi saümantã: not subsided;
averena ca: only by non-hatred; saümanti: are pacified;
esa: this (is); sanantano: ageless; dhaümo: wisdom.

English Translation Buddhist Quote Buddha
Those who attempt to conquer hatred by hatred are like warriors
who take weapons to overcome others who bear arms.
This does not end hatred, but gives it room to grow.
But, ancient wisdom has advocated a different timeless strategy to overcome hatred. This eternal wisdom is to meet hatred with
non-hatred. The method of trying to conquer hatred through
hatred never succeeds in overcoming hatred. But, the method
of overcoming hatred through non-hatred is eternally effective.
That is why that method is described as eternal wisdom. Famous Buddha Quotes Dhamma
Recollection Of Death Brings Peace

ettha pare mayaü yamàmase na ca vijànanti tattha
ye ca vijànanti tato medhagà sammanti.

ettha: in this place; pare: those others; mayaü: we; yamàmase:
die; na vijànanti: do not know; tattha: here; ye ca: Buddhist Quote
some; vijànanti: know (it); tato: due to that (awareness);
medhagà: conflicts and disputes; sammanti: subside.

English Translation Buddhist quote Dhamma
Most of us are't willing to face the reality of impermanence and death.
That's because we forget that our lives are transitory, Buddhist Quote
that we quarrel with each other, as if we are going to live for ever.
But, if we face the fact of death, our quarrels will come to an end.
We will then realize the folly of fighting when we ourselves are doomed to die. Excited by emotions our thought being clouded, we cannot see the truth about life.
When we see the truth, however, our thoughts become free of
emotions. Buddhist Quote buddha

Sorrow Springs From Evil Deeds

pàpakàrã idha socati pecca socati ubhayattha socati.
So attano kiliññhaü kammaü disvà socati so vihannati

pàpakàrã: the evil doer; idha: in this world; socati: grieves;
pecca: in the next world; socati: grieves; ubhayattha: in Famous Buddha Quotes
both worlds; socati: grieves; so: he; attano: his own;
kiliññhaü kammaü: blemished action; disvà: having seen;
socati: grieves; so: he; viha¤¤ati: is vexed.
Buddhist quote Buddha

People who commit evil actions are unaware of their consequences at
the moment of performance. Therefore, they tend to repent on seeing
the consequences of what they did. This creates grief. Buddhist quote This does not
mean that a man must always suffer the consequences of his deeds, without any hope. If that is the case, there is no benefit in leading a religious life, nor is there any opportunity to work for one’s emancipation.
In this pair of verses, suffering and happiness in the next world are also
indicated. Buddhist Quote
Buddhists do not believe that this life on earth is the only life and that human beings are the only kind of being. Planes of existence are numerous and beings are innumerable. After death one may be born as a human being, in a subhuman state or in a celestial plane according to Buddhist Quote Buddha one’s actions. The so-called being in the subsequent life is neither the same as its predecessor (as it has changed) nor absolutely different (as it is the identical stream of life). Buddhism denies the identity of a being but affirms an identity of process.

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