Yoga and Consciousness

Yoga and Consciousness : HSP  The Vital tool in Energy Healing Meditation

For most folks, the subject of high sense perception (HSP) is something out of Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Some would classify it among the dark arts. For others, it is as natural as breathing.

The majority, however, have little idea what HSP (or extra-sensory perception, as it is sometimes known) is all about or are highly skeptical that it even exists.

The reality is that HSP is normal for all human beings. It has been used in different cultures for millenniums, in religion and in healing work. Many native people still rely on it for gathering information about those who are ill and how to heal them.

When Christianity and then the scientific revolution swept Europe, the Church forbade the use of HSP, associating it with darkness, paganism and the devil. As science came to power, it increasingly regarded HSP as superstition and fantasy. Under that kind of pressure, it rapidly fell out of use.

Now, in the new millennium, the importance of high sense perception is being rediscovered. Eventually, we will develop scientific instruments to measure both it and human energy field (HEF), that other piece of disputed territory. These will prove the correlation between how well the HEF is functioning and the health of the individual, physically and psychologically. They will also help people develop their own HSP.

By detailed ‘reading’ of the HEF, which is similar to an electro-magnetic field, and observing carefully how it functions ? and how distortions within it result in disease ? I learned how to create healing techniques that repair the damage to the field, bringing it and the body back into alignment and health.

At this point, it’s worth noting what the HEF looks like. The many levels of the field consist alternately of finely structured lines of light (called nadis in ancient texts) and soft cloud-like energy. Illness shows as disfiguration, tears or shattering of the structured levels and as stagnation or blocks in the unstructured levels.

These distortions will be very clear to a healer with good HSP who will use techniques that focus on them directly. So the ability to see, feel and know what is going on in the client’s field is a great advantage and makes healing much more effective, direct and efficient.

It’s often said that you only need to put your hands on a person and the energy will go where it is needed. That can be true, but only to a degree. If the lines of light in the client’s field are broken, the energy accumulates at that point and the result may be in the negative.

There is another important ingredient in healing through the human energy field and that is consciousness. Physics recognizes what is called the observer effect: when we observe something we interact with it and thereby change it. In most instances, this change is minimal. But the deeper we search into the foundations of matter and into biological systems, the greater the effect. And in the bio-energy field of the HEF it takes another leap because consciousness is part of its basic structure. It is impossible in the HEF to separate energy from consciousness.

Therefore, in a healing, the energy consciousness in the field of the healer has a considerable effect on that of the client each time we place our hands on a person.

And if our fields are not balanced, that effect can be detrimental to the client. Healers who are aware of this will check and regulate their own fields before and during healing work.

With HSP, the healer can also directly read and work on the psychological issues that are part of the cause of the illness, including the deep-seated negative beliefs that damage the field. These also show as dark forms or blocks that disrupt the healthy flow of life energy.

The complexity of the human energy field illustrates the absolute value of HSP not only in working with clients and in our own healing process, but in bridging the gap between energy healing and science.

This article was originally published in Sacred Pathways Magazine

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