Buddhism for breakups

Breakups, separation pain and love afflictions are emotions, which will probably befall every person. Even though breakups may seem so terrible and agonizing, they will pass by. The suffering is felt by everyone in different ways, but in some cases the emotions can become so strong that normal life or the experience of everyday things can become impossible. In order to better cope with breakups and to feel less sorrow for lost love, a strong personality and a return to emotional stability is helpful.

Buddhist meditation can help in numerous ways:

  • it can help to deal with pain in tough situations
  • it can help calm oneself or serve to focus attention in the long term
  • it can help you focus on positive things
  • it can erase negative experiences

Buddhist meditation for breakups

If you are suffering from love affliction, your thoughts will probably always revolve around the ex-partner. You will perhaps mourn beautiful experiences and torment yourself with self-doubt. In order to avoid getting into psychologically stressful situations, it helps to master meditative techniques that can be applied in the short term. Of course, meditation is always a matter of practice, but once mastered you can apply it to life’s situations.

  • As soon as you feel that you are in a phase of grief and pain due to a breakup, you should actively counteract these feelings. The goal is to focus attention on other things and primarily on your inner being.
  • Make yourself relaxed or take a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes.
  • Breath a few times deeply and consciously and pay attention to the breathing movements of your body. Breathing is the symbol of life – you will be aware of the fact that you are alive, that you are vital and healthy despite the pain and that you will live overcome emotional pain.
  • Speak calmly motivating sentences in your mind. The idea is to support the positive energy of these statements, especially when inhaling. We will explain the method of energy meditation,  later on in more detail. Focusing on a particular thought or your own breathing rhythm helps to hide other thoughts so that you are not drawn back into a whirl of gloomy thoughts.
  • As for breathing meditation, it is ultimately a matter of letting go completely and thinking about his / her own inner being. So start counting your breaths from one to ten and start over again. In this way, you will also lose your sense of time more easily and not get under pressure by stepping on an ever-increasing number of breaths.
  • Focus on breathing and let go of attachment to thoughts and feelings. Soon you will feel that your breath calms down, the heartbeat slows down, and the tension of the muscles also diminishes.

Of course, you can end your breathing medication at any time, but it is best to keep it as long as you want and can. Be careful not to miss any appointments. Do not try to go into deep meditation  at the beginning. It is about relaxing, and sitting comfortably in this position. This requires some practice to avoid pain.
The more often you perform breathing meditation, the faster you will be able to direct your thoughts and soothe yourself in this way. It is true that in the beginning there will be an overcoming, in order not to give oneself to feelings, but after the first success experience, later meditations become easier.

Use energy meditation to combat the bad feelings associated with your breakup

Energy meditation speaks of the energy centers of the body, the so-called chakras. From bottom to top, these are the root chakra (at the end of the spine), the sacral chakra, the naked chakra (solar plexus), the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the frontal chakra and the crown chakra.

Meditation in jealousy and separation pain should focus on the heart chakra, the center of the emotional energies, without neglecting the solar plexus as the energy center of the body. That is, you’re concentrating on the area between the navel and stomach as well as on the area in the middle of the chest. Do not expect great success after the first session, only with consistent meditation will you be able to achieve a permanent change in the experience of the emotions.

However, you can emerge stronger from the separation situation better equipped for future love afflictions or other negative feelings. Once you master the technique of energy meditation, other sensations can also be addressed in this way.

To meditate under pressure during or after your breakup is not helpful. Through repetition, you will learn to direct energy and emotion, and also process the pain of separation or the love affliction. The feelings that you believe have lost through a separation, are ultimately within you. Meditate as much as you like, however, fixed dates should also be observed. Daily meditation is only helpful, if you want to. At the beginning, about 2-3 sessions per week is recommended for a longer energy meditation, which you can, for example, combine with the previously presented respiratory medication.