By Irene Abeysekera – Courtesy Vesak Lipi

Refuge do I seek in the Noble Triple Gem,
The Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha,
To help me overcome the many ills,
That cause anxiety and distress
In the endless voyage on Samsara’s sea,
Attachment and Aversion bring in its wake,
Restlessness, tears and grief,
So long as desires are not quenched,
I shall be born again.
And death is not the final end of existence,
Only my Kamma be it good or bad,
That will determine the next state of life,
Birth, old age, sickness and death,
I’ve gone through numberless times.
And shall face it again and again,
As long as the fetters of Ignorance,
Bind me to Samsara,
Thus to be freed someday from bondage,
I do seek solace and refuge,
In the Noble Triple Gem.
Step by step 1 shall endeavour,
To rid myself of unwholesome thoughts,
Of greed, hatred and delusion,
And with unwavering faith I’ll tread,
The Noble Eightfold Path,
Right View, Right aspiration, Right speech.
Right action, Right livelihood, Right effort
Right mindfulness and Right concentration,
To help me someday to realize,
The Four Noble Truths,
That will lead me to Nibbana’s goal,
The attainment of an everlasting Peace.