Sigalovada Sutta

Sigalovada Sutta which belongs to the Digha Nikaya, in Sutta Pitaka, is one of the most well known discourses in the Buddhist World. It is also called Gihi-vinaya – the Code of Disciplines for layman.

A layman must practise self-control, proper conduct, good manners and a sense of modesty as a preliminary step to be able to lead a happy, peaceful and progressive household life. In this connection , the instructions given by the compassionate Buddha particularly for the welfare and happiness of the layman are to be found in various suttas.

Among them, Maha Mangala Sutta, Parabhava Sutta,. Vyaggha-pajja Sutta, Dhammika Sutta and Sigalovada Sutta are well known to the Buddhists. These discourses prove that the Buddha’s Teachings are not only for the welfare of the present world but also for the next world.

Some people criticized that the Buddha was not unduly concerned with the social life, economic progress, worldly happiness and material welfare of his lay disciples in the world. The Suttas mentioned above are shinning examples showing that such criticism is entirely unwarranted