What does rebirth explain?

By Ven. Narada Thera

Rebirth explains the following problems:-
1. It accounts for the problem of suffering for which we ourselves are responsible.
2. It explains the inequality of mankind which is due not only to nature and nurture but also to Kamma or activities.
3. It accounts for the arising of geniuses and infant prodigies which heredity cannot satisfactorily explain.
4. It explains why twins who are physically alike, enjoying equal privileges exhibit totally different mental, intellectual, and spiritual characteristics.
5. It accounts for the dissimilarities found amongst children of the same family whitst heredity accounts for the similarities.
6. It accounts for the fixed abilities of man which are due to his prenatal tendencies.
7. It introduces the initial consciousness to the infinitesimally minute cell provided by the parents.
8. It accounts for the moral, intellectual, and spiritual differences between parents and children.
9. It explains how in us are found a rubbish heap of evil and a treasure house of good.
10. It explains how infants spontaneously develop such passions as greed anger, jealousy etc.
11. It accounts for the unexpected outburst Of passions in a highly civilized person and for the sudden transformation of a criminal to a saint,
12. It explains how profligates are born to saintly parents, and saintly children to profligates.
13. It explains how, in one sense, we are what we were, we will be what we are, and in another sense, we are not what we were, and we will not be what we are.
14. It explains the cause of untimely deaths, unexpected changes in fortune.
15. It explains why in this world virtuous persons are very often unfortunate and vicious persons prosperous.
16. Above all, it accounts for the arising of omniscient perfect spiritual Teachers like the Buddhas who possess unsurpassing physical characteristics which can only be explained by believing in a countless series of births.