Nibbana as “the destruction of greed, hatred and delusion” indicate the direction to be taken, and the work to be done to actually reach Nibbana. And it is this which matters most. These words on the overcoming of greed, hatred and delusion set a clear and convincing task which can be taken up hear and now. Further, they not only point to a way that is practicable and worthwhile for its own sake, but they also speak of the lofty goal itself which likewise can be experienced here and now, and not only in an unknown beyond.

That visible Nibbana has been lauded by those who attained to it as an unalloyed and inalienable happiness, as the higher solace, as the unspeakable alert of being freed from burden an bondage. A faint foretaste of it may be experienced in each act, joyful renunciation and in moments of serene do detachment. To know oneself, if but temporarily and partially, to be free from the slavery of passions and the blindness of self-deception; “There are two kinds of happiness, 0 monks: the happiness of sense pleasures and the happiness of renunciation. But the greater of them is the happiness renunciation”

(AN 2:64)- NayanaponikaThera